Places of San Giovanni XXIII

Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII is located at the Northern part of Bergamo and bordered by the foothills of  Mount Canto,  about 18 Kilometers to the west of the capital orobico.

A great part of the places of interest concern the places where Pope John XXIII was born and lived, a Pilgrimage and popular devotion destination.

Chiesa di Santa Maria

The church of Santa Maria, where the little Angelo Roncalli was baptized, and a few years later he even celebrated celebrated his first mass. Dating from the XV century it preserves paintings and frescoes of great value.

Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista

The church of San Giovanni Battista, dates back from the early twentieth century. Inside it you can admire numerous eighteenth century frescoes and other from Bartolomeo Nazari and Francis Chapel which were originally placed in the old parish, and an imposing processional statue of the Madonna.

Cappella di Maria Regina della pace

The Chapel of Mary Queen of Peace was consecrated in 1976. This presents an altar originating from the Ancient Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican, and a polychrome inlay depicting Pope John XXIII, a charming work from artist Andrea Gusmai.

Abbazia rettoria di Sant’Egidio in Fontanella

The Sant’Egidio Abbey, built in the locality of Fontanella in the tenth century in Romanesque style, is one of the best preserved medieval buildings in the whole province. Inside you can find frescoes and paintings of excellent workmanship dating between the twelfth and fifteenth centuries.