Castle and Borough of Costa di Mezzate

The castle of Costa di Mezzate, built around 1000, is located in the homonymous municipality, a small town about 10 kilometers from Bergamo. The first documentary evidence of the existence of the castle dates back to 1160.

The castle, built by the Emperor Ottone I, was purchased later by Alberto degli Albertoni from the Capitani of Vertova, the representative of the Lombard League in Lodi, signer of the Peace of Constance and counselor of Bergamo in 1190.

In the following centuries the castle became a target of the expansionist ambitions of Bernabo Visconti, Duke of Milan, but who failed to violate the fortifications.

In 1433, a decree was issued by the Republic of Venice, which exempted for five years from any real load, personnel et mixed those from Bagnatica et Mezzate in recognition of their loyalty et in recognition of the misfortunes suffered “.

In the following centuries, the castle was used as a residence of Camozzi-Vertova family, the current owners.